A1. We give you the highest commodity price, professional & computerized valuation, instant payments.

A2. Valuation is done on the spot, we adhere to the latest computerized testing (XRF Testing).

A3. Estimation is provided free of cost

A4. It is very simple : Weight of commodity (X) Purity Percentage (X) Buying rate = Value (-) charges = NET VALUE

A5. Stones , Beads, Enamel, melt charges weight if present will be deducted for valuation.

A6. NO your ornaments will not get damaged if a computer XRef test is done, in some cases if we feel that a melt test is required only then the ornament will be melted and tested,

A7. All payments will be based on our company guidelines either by CASH* / NEFT / IMPS / RTGS. (*Subject to statutory guidelines)

A8. You must produce 1 Photo ID & 1 Address proof out of the following documents i.e. Driving license, Passport, Ration card, Election ID, Work ID, Telephone bill, Mobile bill, Property Sale Deed etc.

A9. YES you can by providing 1 Photo ID & 1 (local) Address & 1 (Native) Address proof

A10. NO we will not be able to re-sell it as we will be melting it for purification immediately.

A11. Most Gold buyers to attract customers come up with very attractive offers, but what you need to know is that no business can run without a profit, These Buyers will lower the value of the gold purities to adjust their charges which we feel is a corrupt practice. At 3dgold we follow ethical procedures and service charges fairly levied separately.

A12. NO you cannot, You can sell Gold belong to you, your spouse or your parents with their consent.

A13. If you are aged between 18 to 21 years you need to have consent from your parents or legal guardian, We will require a written letter and their photo id & address proof in order to transact. We have a strict NO MINORS policy and we do not purchase from persons aged below 18 years.

A14. No quantity is too small or big for us, you can sell or buy any quantity. YES we purchase broken & tampered gold jewellery.

A15. YES we purchase white Gold, Rose gold, Pink gold, Yellow gold, as far as it is Gold.

A16. YES we can, Below 2 lakhs through NEFT and above 2 lakhs through RTGS. (Name as per bank records, Account no. & type, IFSC code , Bank name & branch details are required): Note your cheque book will contain all this information.


A1. YES we have this service where we release your gold pledged in Banks, Muthoot, Mannapuram, IIFL, Kosmattam finance, Popular Finance, Pawn brokers etc.

A2. First get the details from your banker or financer regarding the Release amount (Principle + Interest) and then visit us with your Pledge receipts, ID, Address proof, cheque book. Our evaluation team will verify the details and suggest you if it is worth releasing the gold. If we feel there is any benefit from releasing then we will arrange for a release of gold immediately.

A3. Once we release the gold, it will be brought back to our office and final settlements will be made after evaluation.

A4. The minimum quantity is 30 grams for release gold.

A5. YES you can, however you will need to inform us prior to the transaction.

A6. Before releasing the Gold we would ensure to give you an estimation based on the details provided by you, How ever if you are not satisfied with the valuation after release you will have to repay the amount advanced by us + an additional 5% of the released value.

A7. Yes there are chances this can happen, make sure you are providing the correct information regarding the weights, purity, stone beads wax content of gold prior to release of Gold from the Banks, These facts are very critical inputs which determine the value of the gold. In the event the value of the gold turns out to be lower than the released value then the customer has to pay the differential amount.

A9. NO this service is FREE, If you wish not to sell the Gold after release only then 5% of the value of the release amount will be charged as service charges.

A10. YES you will be authorizing our representative to release the gold on your behalf, our representative will deposit the cash to the financer and collect the gold in your presence. Once the Gold is released you will be accompanied to our office by our representative for final valuation & settlements.


A1. As per our company policy it is mandatory to perform KYC as transactions involve huge values, As most customers would not have preserved their Bill/Invoice copies it becomes difficult for us to know if the ornaments or bullion is a legitimate possession or otherwise.

A2. Incorrect KYC submitted, Under age, Improper explanation related to ownership, selling on behalf of others are a few grounds your transaction can be rejected.

A3. Your data is stored confidentially, No person will get access to your information and won’t be misused, however if a requests are made by Government authorities we shall comply with them


3DGold does not buy Stolen or unauthentic gold. Selling Stolen gold or fake gold is a criminal offense and if found person will handover to law enforcement authorities. Any one age of 21 or less can sell gold only with parent/guardian’s written letter.


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